Class Teacher – Mrs Pearce
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs Nash

What have our children been learning in Year 5 across the Spring Term?


Spring 1 Learning

Spring 1 featured 2 separate mini adventures linked to the Mayans.


Initially Year Five were transformed into Mayan Time Travellers to learn about the Maya Civilisation. They were taken back into history to experience the lifestyle and the trial and tribulations that a Mayan farmer and his family experienced. This enabled them to create a Diary entry of a Mayan farmer.


Time was spent learning what key features were required in a diary entry and subsequent teaching focused on these elements: writing in first person, part perfect tense, expanded noun phrases, relative clauses, adverbials of time. Much to the disgust of the class they discovered that there was a harsh hierarchy established in the Mayan culture. The farmers were towards the bottom of this hierarchy, living in man made mud huts, being responsible for growing and finding their own food and even making cloth for their own clothes! They were jealous of the better lifestyle that the King and Nobles had.


Many a debate was entered into about which Mayan God to pray to for what they needed each day. Chac, the Rain God could provide them with rain to help grow their crops but there was also the choice of the Maize God and Sun God.


The children were disgusted to learn that as Mayan Farmers they would not necessarily have clean water to drink, a comfy bed to sleep in, no bathroom and only meat and vegetables to eat! Their were mixed feelings about the taste of homemade salsa and tortillas, which the children made themselves.


Next the children recent to the current day and became Chocolate Fair-traders. They went on an exciting journey to learn about where cocoa beans came from, how the Mayans used cocoa beans to create a chocolate drink and the production process for the chocolate that we love to eat today. Best of all was the trip to Cadbury's World!


Investigations were carried out to find out the classes favourite chocolate bar and which companies make and sell fair-trade chocolate. Through the use of ICT, the children researched the benefit that cocoa farmers and their communities receive by the purchase of fair-trade chocolate and they considered the ethical benefits of paying more for a bar of fair-trade chocolate in comparison to a non fair-trade one. They used this information to write a letter to Tesco persuading them to create and sell their own brand of fair-trade chocolate.