Class Teacher – Mrs N Silvester-Grant
Learning Support Assistant – Mrs Cook

What have our children been learning in Year 6 across the Spring Term?


Spring 1 Learning

Year Six began their new term with a mini-adventure about Ancient Greece. We started by researching many different Greek myths. We found lots that we liked and we used drama to act these out and learn more about their structure and language. There were lots of common themes and we decided that we would like to try and write our own versions.


To enable us to write our myths we worked a lot on using speech and action together to tell an exciting story. We also looked at how figurative language could be used to create images in the reader’s mind. After lots of effort, we finally created a wonderful Greek myth which is displayed on our new corridor display.


During this mini-adventure we also enjoyed learning about the lifestyles of the Ancient Greeks. We took part in a debate around similarities and differences in religion in Ancient Greece compared to modern day Christianity. As well as this, we identified positives and negatives of being a child in Ancient Greece and how this differed depending on which city you lived; lots of us wanted to be Spartan warriors.


In Maths, we have made excellent progress in our fractions unit. We can now add, subtract, multiply and divide them. We did so well that we moved on to finding out how they link to decimals.


Our second mini adventure is based around the Titanic. We transformed our classroom to include a mini Titanic and began learning lots of interesting facts.  Mrs Silvester-Grant gave us all a new name on our boarding pass for the ship. We spent some time researching ourselves and we discovered that we were actually a real passenger on the ship. We all had interesting life stories and we all loved learning about the people who were affected by the tragedy.


During this mini adventure we are historians.  We began by learning all about the social diversity of the ship; some of were different classes to others. We wrote a letter home from our first day on the ship and explained what it was like to be lucky enough to be aboard. Mrs Silvester-Grant hypothesised about the amounts of people who died from each class and we set about trying to prove or disprove her theory using research.

As we learned more about the ship, we wrote a newspaper article about the disaster and began to look at who could be to blame. We debated this issue and created a balanced article piece of writing to discuss this. Because we were the passengers involved, we became very cross when we heard all of the things that could have saved us.

To complete this adventure, we wrote a short story based on the Titanic using all of the knowledge we had gained.